Our Team
About Ken Woolley
Managing Partner - Gaia Real Estate
Phone: 212.563.2726
E-mail: info@vg-usa.com
About Danny Fishman
Managing Partner - Gaia Real Estate
Phone: 212.563.2726
E-mail: dfishman@gaiare.com
About Amir Yerushalmi
Managing Partner - Gaia Real Estate
Phone: 212.563.2726
E-mail: ayerushalmi@gaiare.com
About Manan Shukla
Chief Financial Officer
Phone: 212.563.2726 ext 809
E-mail: mshukla@gaiare.com
About Steve Hevia
Regional Director of Operations
Phone: 646.381.8303
E-mail: shevia@gaia-pm.com
About Crystal Jackson, CAM,CAPS
Regional Director of Operations
Phone: 713.909.2905
E-mail: cjackson@gaia-pm.com
About Dana Dovell
Director of Operations
Phone: 713.909.2911
E-mail: ddovell@gaia-pm.com
About Janae Prince
Director of Marketing and Training
Phone: 713.909.2902
E-mail: jprince@gaia-pm.com
About Noam Nathaniel
Property Manager
Phone: 646.358.1310
E-mail: nnathaniel@gaiare.com
About Evgeni Lekumovich
Leasing Specialist
Phone: 646-248-0320
E-mail: elekumovich@gaia-pm.com
About Trevor King
Facilities Manager
Phone: 212.563.1616
E-mail: tking@gaia-pm.com
About Tayllor Cooper
Property Manager
Phone: 862-252-0752
E-mail: gaiampeo@gaia-pm.com
Property Manager
Phone: 281.412.3100
E-mail: enclave@gaia-pm.com
About Jason Richards, CAM
Property Manager
Phone: 713.413.9955
E-mail: ranchcitypark@gaia-pm.com
About Jennifer Mendoza
Property Manager
Phone: 281.970.7576
E-mail: veranda@gaia-pm.com
About Marlene Rocha
Property Manager
Phone: 281.558.6284
E-mail: steeples@gaia-pm.com
About Milena Williamson
Property Manager
Phone: 401.438.3077
E-mail: winchester@gaia-pm.com
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